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Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, Mark Eddy tried his first piece of Beef Jerky at the early age of 2.  He’s been an avid jerky connoisseur ever since but has never found a single piece of jerky that tastes like the first bite he once had.  So 25 years later he set out to recreate the taste he still had in his mouth from childhood.  How Jerky should taste.  Real, all-natural angus beef with a nice blend of spices that are smoked to perfection and open your salivary glands with every bite...and the best part…the little white strings that only a perfectly cooked beef jerky can create.  After 6 years of perfecting his recipe he knew he was done the day he took a bite of his latest batch and EVERY gland in his mouth salivated.  His goal…accomplished...but that was just the beginning.  The smell of his jerky alone attracted anyone within a 20 foot radius and they too were salivating before they even tried it.  Once they had one bite they needed one bag, then another and another.  Now Eddy has a new mission.  To get his jerky to everyone he can.  


This ain't yer store bought jerky.  Real thin, real dry, real ingredients, real smoke...like a steak off the campfire.  Colorado made and Colorado Proud, Eddy’s Beef Jerky is a taste of the old west. Clean, simple, and powerful, the way jerky used to be. Made with Colorado Angus, all of our jerky is gluten-free and soy-free with no nitrates or MSG, no refined sugars, artificial flavors, or preservatives.  Grab a pack of Original, Holypeno, or Holy Ghost today, or try one of our unique cans of jerky chew. 

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